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I used to share knowledge and information about electronic/information technology and of course other basic of science.

I started electronic hobby since 1994, since information technology very far compared to the current conditions.

Currently, no limitation for us to communicate with people in other places. Technology allows us to have interacted with each other to exchange information.

While in the year 1994, Cellular Phone only be enjoyed by people with specific economic level and specific positions, and even there only in certain countries. At the present, Cellular Phone is no longer unusual kept in the pocket of a pedi cab driver, construction labor, and even become primary school children’s toys.

Now days, internet can be accessed during trip, in the middle of sea, on the top of mountain and from anywhere else, since in the year of 1994 I had no idea what a computer was?

During 1994, friends of my home village busy with interesting activities; stretching cables / wire, from one house to another, from one village to another. The Cables used to connect communication devices called INTERCOM.

For those born in the 90s might asked, what was INTERCOM?
INTERCOM is a communication device, using a single core cable / wire to channeled/received audio signals. It is a set of audio amplifiers, which equipped with a preamp-mic, speaker and PTT switch.
As ilustrated above, the single core cable used to connect each INTERCOM, while grounding cable or negative output of each amplifier connected into the ground. If PTT button of INTERCOM A pressed, the sound of INTERCOM A channeled to the INTERCOM B and C. Voice signal coming into INTERCOM amplifier inputs B and C and the voice came out the INTERCOM speakers B and C.

Cable channels are not limited for just three INTERCOMS, but can be much more even for tens of INTERCOMS. It weakness is only one person speaks at a time, while the others listen. If there is more than one INTERCOM speak, then the greatest power would control forum. Usually large power held by the moderator.

I hope the above illustration will remind memories for readers who have experienced as I have. It tells us how the technology never stops innovating. My interest in electronic began since my curiosity to the contents inside INTERCOM. One day, my father gave me a very special gift … an iron solder and a screwdriver, Tools that I need most at that time. Thank you dad, you are my greatest hero.

Stepping on high school, my electronic hobby and other needs supported by the neighborhood electronic equipments repair. Once upon a time, one of next-door neighbor asked me for help to repair his TV. TV sound is still good; picture / screen is intermittently disappear. More often just appear a horizontal line. I thought lightly … at least there is a connection troubled.

Shortly, I made a big mistake that caused the TV totally crashed. I could not find the main cause of the problem, due to limitation of my knowledge. My father became my hero again … explained and promised to the TV owner to replace all the loss. However, the owner of the TV realized, “it got here this TV age” and brought it home.

Thus are my opening remarks. No ivory that has no cracked … I am a human being. Like the incident on TV repair above, of course I have shortcomings, either technical or deficiencies of my writing.
Thank you very much if you wish to comment, whether it is a support, questions, or suggestions and/or constructive criticism.

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