How to power off the computer

Shutting down the computer through start menu is only powering down the computer main devices. The power supply of the CPU (also the monitor power supply) and a few electric components are still running. We call this situation as “Standby”… or “The computer is on standby position”.
Do you know how many watts of electric consume by the computer during standby? You might not believed, that a single fluorescent lamp in one small room or bathroom for example can be supplied with the electric power, which is supplied to the “standby computer”. Sure, it is simple thing to do… just power off the outlet or unplugs the cable from the outlet.
A great idea just came to my mind (I have never practice it at all, any undesired things will be your own risk). Above figure is the easiest way to cut the electric power while shutting down the computer, I’m sure it is simpler then just power off or unplug the cables from out let.
How it works?
1. The computer is on off position.
2. Press the PTT switch with your right hand and hold it in a moment. The 220 V eclectic current will flow normally to the computer and the monitor.
3. While holding the PTT switch, press the power button on the computer with your left hand. The computer will boot and start, right?
4. Power sockets in the CPU (socket for HD, Fan, etc) also powered on since and after the computer starts…
5. The 12 V from CPU socket will lock the relay to “close” position.
6. Release the button of PTT switch. You will see that the computer is continuously booting. Now the 220 V electric current flows through “locked” relay.

=> Then how to shut down the computer and powering off the electric?

7. “Normally shutdown the computer through Start Menu”.
8. After shutdown process completed, the CPU socket will stop supplying 12 V DC to the relay, AC current will also cut and stop supplying electric current to the CPU and monitor.
Please let me know if above idea successfully practiced.

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