Make Your Own PCB

 Simple trick to make your own PCB.
  1. After finishing PCB layout drawing, print it on a photo paper using laser printer .
  2. Patch/attached the print result on the copper side of the PCB
  3. Add a few layers of cloths.
  4. Rub gently and smoothly using a hot iron.
  5. Detach the photo paper from the PCB
  6. See... the printout transferred t the PCB.
  7. Nail each  dot that will be bored  
  8. Use special drill to bore the PCB  
  9. Correct uncomplete/broken print on PCB with permanent marker 
  10. Soak the PCB on  mixed hot water with ferichloride, avoid mixing water and ferichloride on metal storage.
  11. Less then 10 minutes the PCB will be ready to use.



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