Remote Control Extender

For example, you have two TV sets and one Satellite receiver.  

One TV and satellite receiver located in bedroom while the other TV placed in living room. TV in living room parallelly connected with satellite receiver output at bedroom, meaning what you see on bedroom TV will be the same with program on living room TV. If you watching TV in bedroom, it is okay... you can directly change the program or control the satellite receiver.  The problem is ... If you watching TV at living room, you have to aim the satellite receiver remote control to the bedroom. How If both of TV locate at different floor? 

This simple device will be the answer.

Place this device near TV in living room. Extend IR Emitter (IR3) to the bedroom aim directly to the satellite receiver. (I am using 12 meters telephone cables to connect IR3 with the device). Now you can enjoy satellite TV wherever you are. Of course, each TV will always have the same program at a time. This is just simple solution for above problem. I spent less than $5 dollars to finish this project.

The best solution for the problem is adding one set satellite receiver for the TV in living room. So the TV program at living room will not depend on TV program in bedroom TV … I will tell you later how to do this….

This device is not only use for controlling satellite receiver (as described above). Many appliances will work so. Just aim the remote control of the appliance to this device, such as DVD player, Air Conditioner, Radio, etc. The IR emitter of this device will act same as the IR emitter of the remote control. 

This device designed to work with 9 volts battery. Don’t be afraid of loose of battery energy. It can be use for months to operate this device. Of course, you can replace the battery with regulated power supply.  C2 will act as power source (only work if there is light coming in to IR1 and IR2) while the 9 volts battery acts as charger for C2. Power stored in C2 will remain off since no interferences light coming to IR1 and IR2.

Due to light sensitively of IR1 and IR2, cover it with semi transparent box… as shown on the image. Adjust VR1 to reduce IR1 and IR2 sensitiveness.

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